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Georges Adéagbo Georges Adéagbo - Previews autumn 2004:
Toyota City Art Museum, Oct. 4,
Museum Ludwig, Cologne Oct. 29,
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, Nov. 17

general introduction and images from Benin, Georges Adéagbo's country of birth and current residence

biography, lists of exhibitions and publications bibliography

"The Story of the Lion" 'Venice Biennale' 1999, the award of the Jury, and artists' book derived from this work

'La Colonisation Belge en Afrique Noir' 'ForwArt' in Bruxelles, April 2000 weeks of research to create this piece

'La resurrection de Edith Piaf' in 'Voilà -Le monde dans la tête- Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2000

'Homage à Napoléon le Grand' in 'Le Jardin' at Villa Medici, Rome June 2000

'La rencontre de l'Afrique et du Japon' at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, related studies June 2000

'Abraham l'ami de Dieu' P.S.1 in New York, 2000

'Le Socialisme Africain' a contribution for 'The Short Century' which opened at Villa Stuck in Munich February 2001 and traveled to the 'Haus der Kulturen der Welt' Berlin in May 2001, to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago 2001, last venue, P.S.1 spring 2002. Adéagbo modified this work for each venue and its city.

'L'epoque Pythagorienne' 2001 Innsbruck, 'Galerie im Taxispalais' The first monographic catalog was published upon this occasion. (see bibliography)

'Un espace..! monde(l'histoire de l'art)' 'Ein Raum ist eine Welt' Kunsthalle Zurich 2001

'The Explorer and the Explorers facing the History of Exploration-The World Theater' at Documenta 11, 2002

Villa Dieu seul sait Georges Adéagbo and Stephan Köhler decided in spring 1999 to launch an artists' residence on the coast of Benin. The construction of several studios and guestrooms is complete. Please visit


James Lee Byars inspired and challenged many with his uncompromising stand for beauty and perfection. A monument of persistence working restlessly until his early death in may 1997. A photo essay written by one of his friends. short biography and bibliography in German, and an extensive chronology in English

Roman Opalka Roman Opalka paints the progression of time. He reveals insights about the difference between measured time versus experienced time through his single, lifelong work titled:
OPALKA 1965/1-oo images of recent exhibitions include:
Kunstmuseum Bonn A description of the Millenium Passage, Opalka's most challenging attempt (New Year 1999-2000) to address the public to think about the relativity of time, serves as general introduction to get familiar with his concept.
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